The Nemesis is being tamed! - Plus some great shots of Green Woodpeckers and of course, our new Little Owl.

It's hard to explain how long I have waited to get an acceptable (to me) image of a Kingfisher.  Of course, I could have simply paid to attend a professional hide, set up specifically to see them, but I have always believed that total satisfaction, only comes from personal fieldcraft and research of a subject.  Over the years, I have walked many miles alongside rivers, streams, waterways and lakes, in search of these stunningly beautiful birds.  On some of these walks, I have experienced the 'Blue Flash', as the bird streaks past and been mesmerised by their incedible colours.  However, although I have searched and searched, the opportunity to capture a decent image has always eluded me.
Once again, this year, I set myself the target of tracking down my nemesis and capturing my personal Holy Grail.  As usual, I often see them in the distance and always sitting on a favourite perch, in an area that cannot be accessed, either due to dense undergrowth, or on someones elses lan…

It's great to be back out with the camera

It's been a while since my last blog, as I have been catching up on my favourite local wildlife venues.  Ironically, they have not produced a lot for me to shoot, but its been great to get out and about again! 
Our Little Owl has been busy again this year and has provided me with some great shots and the local 'Jays' have been very entertaining.  The insect world continues to amaze me and a Heron gave me a 'flyby' at the local lake.
The weather has been changeable, so either raining, or very bright......neither of which are conducive to getting great images!

However, here are some of my favourite shots taken recently. - I hope that you enjoy them!

Is it a it a Plane......was it a Mirage? - This week, we have all three!

Every now and again, I get a surprise visitor over our garden. This week, I was lucky enough to be able to photograph a local 'Little Owl', that is now hunting during the daytime, in order to feed its new born chicks.  I have also been visiting our local lake, in the hope of being able to capture the Herons and Egrets, that would normally be in situ at this time of year.  Sadly, they have both been absent so far, but I live in hope that they will show up soon.
The surprise of the week however, was this French 'Mirage' Jet, that gave me a low level view, whilst sitting in my hide!  I heard it coming, but had no idea if it would pass in front, overhead, or behind me.  Fortunately, it came into view directly in front of me and gave me the opportunity to capture this one shot.  I had managed to crank up the shutter speed to 1/3200th of a second, but all other settings were programmed to shoot the Owls that I was watching.  As such, i'm pretty happy with this shot!